Its all about the ingredients.

We want to share our passion for ingredients with you because your skin is your largest organ and absorbs much of what you put on it, so knowing what goes on your body is so important. Many of today’s skincare products use water, cheap ingredients and non-active fillers to bulk them out, where we leave out things your skin doesn’t need and focus on active ingredients to deliver natural nourishment that your skin will absolutely love.

We only use the purest ingredients in all of our products and our priority is to bring you the greenest, most effective skin care products without compromising on performance, luxury or style. So you can be happy that our whole range will never use palm oil, all packaging is recyclable or reusable, totally vegan friendly and we never use synthetic or chemical ingredients.


Organic Oils and Butters

All our oils and butters are sourced based on quality and therefore we only use Soil Association certified ingredients who we feel have some of the toughest organic standards and are the most widely used, recognised and trusted organic standards in the UK, with a strong international reputation.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s essence, their scent and flavour

Natural  Colourings and Clays

Pure cosmetic clays are popular ingredients for many skin care applications. Each amazing colour is created by its unique mineral composition.

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