Lux Soap


Lux Soap

Lux Soap

Lux Soap – As a child this was the only soap we used in our house and my grandparents and made me smile when I saw details about Lux Soap at Port Sunlight Museum.

Another brand founded by the Lever Brothers in 1899. The name changed from “Sunlight Flakes” to “Lux” in 1900, a Latin word for “light” and suggestive of “luxury.”

In 1925, it became the first mass-market toilet soap in the world. Also always using film starts to help marketing these included Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and  Marilyn Monroe.

I really had no idea it was still being produced. I dont seem to see in in UK shops anymore?

I have no idea why my mum just stopped buying it and moved us over the using shower gel which seemed like overnight.


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