Meet the husband and wife team Louise and James,
the co-founders of Pure Naked

Pure Naked using the power of nature brings you luxury skincare that only uses the best quality organic ingredients that are highly effective, non-toxic, safe for you, your family and the environment.

Our priority is to bring you the greenest, most effective skin care products without compromising on performance, luxury or style. So you can be happy that our whole range will never use palm oil, all packaging is recyclable or reusable, totally vegan friendly and we never use synthetic or chemical ingredients.

All entire range is original and always created from scratch, tested by us on our lucky family and friends, never on animals.  Each and every product has an emphasis on organic, high-quality food-grade ingredients. All are scented with only precious natural essential oils extracted from nature. Texture and colour are accomplished with the use of spices and clays.

We have a clear labelling policy that shows you our focus on plant based, naturally occurring ingredients that are included for specific reasons so you know exactly what you’re applying to your skin. We don’t believe in using “filler” ingredients of any kind, meaning that nearly every ingredient used is an effective ingredient. The results are truly organic, totally pure, highly concentrated, and effective skincare products that stand out in today’s world of cosmetics.



Our whole range is produced with environmental consciousness at the forefront of our process however the main ethos of our philosophy is water usage and waste.  With 663 million people ( 1 in 10 ) having no access to safe water we strongly feel that we shouldn’t be wasting water other people do not have.

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